We guide business pilots to create value and make an impact

Our philosophy is to partner with entrepreneurs who we consider to be at the forefront of business innovation.

Our Unique Offering

We are committed to accelerating the development of our portfolio companies

Unparalleled support

Unparalleled support to help entrepreneurs build agile, resilient, and sustainable ventures.

Direct access

Direct access to smart capital and holistic suite of funding tools.

Efficient processes

Pragmatic and efficient due diligence processes.

Capital deployment

Capital deployment in follow-on rounds for companies that demonstrate strong traction.

Tailored programmes

Tailored professional development programmes.

Strong partnerships

Long-standing partnerships with global organisations and government hubs.

Diverse expertise

Diverse expertise and networks which can add substantial value to entrepreneurs and their ventures.

CSR initiatives

Impactful annual CSR initiatives in alliance with exceptional start-ups.


Completing the funding application form on our webpage.

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Opportunity screening

Reviewing the opportunity's quality, geography, sector, and stage.

1 Week

Opportunity assesment

Analyzing the target market, product, team, competition, and traction.

1 Week

Short interview with the founder (s)

Introductory meeting to assess and determine synergies between Al Falaj and the applicant.

30 Mins

Pitch to investment committee

Detailed presentation of the business concept and model to our investment committee members.

1-2 HRS

Due Diligence

Pragmatic commercial and legal due diligence exercises to determine the viability of the deal.

3-4 Weeks


Drafting and negotiating investment agreement documents.

2 Weeks

$3 million

in funding rounds led

$20+ million

total capital allocated


years of experience


successful exits


Different markets



What we look for in Entrepreneurs

We look for individuals who reject consensus to create new opportunities, and those who question fundamental assumptions.

  • Smart minds that think and act fast

  • Mission-driven men and women with exceptional problem-solving skills, systematic thinking, and technical know-how

  • Forward-looking thinkers with their own vision for the future

  • A robust business offering, strong value proposition and clear target audiences

  • Structured and well-connected teams of 2-3 founders, with complementary skills and diverse capabilities

Our approach is to partner with entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of business innovation to build sustainable ventures

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